How to Prepare for Exam | Best Tips to Prepare for Exam

How to Prepare for Exam | Best Tips to Prepare for Exam


The examination is conducted to test the knowledge of the students and their knowledge about the subject. We can assess their abilities only through examination.

After hearing the name of the examination, an unknown fear comes in the mind of every student. This fear does not allow the students to concentrate the mind in preparing for the examination. Even before the arrival of the exam, the students go into depression.

The fear of failing in the examination always remains in the mind of the students, due to which they are not able to do their preparation properly. I have explained in detail below how to prepare well for the exam. Hope this proves helpful for all of you.

How to Prepare for Exams ?

The life of students is full of struggles and challenges. Along with the fear of the examination in their mind, the fear of passing the examination is also filled. How to pass the exam, how to get more marks in the subjects, how to get first position in the class, similar questions always keep running in the mind of the students. There is only one solution to all these things, "Good exam preparation".

Prepare for the Exam without Fear

On hearing the name of the exam, a fear arises in the mind of the students. How should he prepare for the examination so that he can come first in the examination results. Many such things create tension and depression in the mind of a student. Along with the students, their family members also remain worried and upset.

Exam time is a tough time for the students. To deal with this type of problem, the student needs to concentrate completely on the subjects of his course.

For those students who continuously practice the courses taught in the class, this problem gets reduced a little, but other students should also start preparing for the exam without getting scared of it.

Definition of Exam

The information and knowledge of various courses is given to the students by the teachers in the classroom. For the evaluation of the students, they check the knowledge of students by conducting by various ways like written, practical and oral form is called examination.

Through this we get to know the intellectual abilities of the students. Normally the exam is conducted annually in the months of March-April. But in the latest days such exams are conducted every month.

As soon as the annual examination comes, students get busy in their preparations.  Students start preparing for preparing notes, collecting study material etc. Because of this, they are a little stressed and worried.

All the parents are also worried and worried with their son, they guide, support and encourage their children. For any student, examination is the stage which determines and decides the future ahead of them.

The result of the examination makes the future of the students and gives them the purpose of life.

Types of Exam

Generally the exam is conducted in 3 ways -

  1. Oral Test - In the oral examination, the test taker's ability is assessed in oral and short scheduling. In this type of test the answers are given to the students in quick and oral form.
  2. Written Test - Through written examinations their writing abilities and their word errors are assessed.
  3. Practical Examination - Through practical examinations, the subject of the students has to be done in the form of experiments and those things have to be demonstrated.

How to get rid of Exam stress ?

As the exam date approaches, tension, confusion and negativity start taking birth in the minds of the students. As the date approaches, their difficulties start increasing.

The student is unable to decide how and from where to start the preparation.

There is pressure on all the students to rank high and score good marks in the examination. Due to this pressure, they are not able to prepare themselves properly and they are not able to get good marks in the examination.

This thing is also seen in a promising student, and due to this his marks come less than average.

Tips to Prepare Well for Exam

Students need to start their exam preparation by removing unnecessary worries, tensions and nervousness.

There are various ways to prepare well and stay stress free, some of which I have put before you.

  • Prepare for the exam in advance.
  • Prepare yourself according to the syllabus of your subjects.
  • Collect study material and notes etc.
  • Make a time-table and follow it.
  • Execute your preparation with a plan.
  • Be disciplined.
  • Practice them daily morning and evening with notes and books.
  • Take nutritious food daily.
  • Get enough sleep according to the time.
  • Make sure to take some time out for physical exercise.
  • Make sure to take breaks from studies from time to time.
  • Entertain yourself during breaks to keep your mind calm and happy.
  • Leave the stress and believe in yourself.
  • Always keep a positive attitude during the exam.

Important Things to Keep in Mind of Exam Time

Students are always tense and worried after the exam date is fixed. They should keep in mind that they should keep their mind calm, keep all the emphasis towards their studies. While preparing for the exam, all the students should keep some special things in mind.

  • Make A Time Table Schedule for Study

Many children prepare for the examination without a time-table, then by making many time-tables. But all the children must make a time-table for studying every subject and follow it.

Along with this, it is also necessary to take their interval from time to time. Along with making time-table, students should also fix time for their studies.

It is believed that morning time is the most suitable time for studies, this is what we call brahma-time. The things read at this time remain in your mind for a long time.

  • Focus On Your Health

As soon as the exam comes, students get filled with anxiety and stress, due to which they do not eat and drink on time and eventually fall ill. So you should take care of yourself and if possible take time out to exercise.

  • Stay Away From Social Media

Students must keep this thing in mind that till the end of the exam, they should keep themselves on TV And keep away from social media.

So that there is no unnecessary talk in your mind. With a fresh mind, you remember the things you read for a long time.

  • Think Positive

Exams are just a part of studies and life. Exams are important but not more important than your life. Students must study with their hard work and dedication, they will surely succeed.

How to prepare for the exam in the remaining days ?

Many students have this problem that they have not studied anything yet, and what to do now, how to start studies etc.

Students do not need to panic or get upset about this, they just keep themselves calm and start studying by doing their hard work and believing in themselves. Collect all the necessary books or notes for studying.

Start your studies with scheduling. Students try to read from your class or coaching notes so that your course is quick and doubts are removed.

There are some students who do not study every day, so such students start their studies with 2-3 hours in a day and later increase their time.

Students should give more emphasis on the important things of the subject in time. Students have to convince themselves that they can do better and better.

By strengthening your will power keeping in mind the days of the examination, if you study the important chosen subjects and which proves to be effective, then you will definitely be successful.

I hope and trust that the things I have told you will always be helpful in your exams and life.


The student needs to show his talent and skills along with managing his time for the preparation of the exam, so that he can finish his subject by studying well in time.

The student needs to have faith and belief in himself. The work started in time, your hard work, dedication and confidence will definitely make you successful.

Give the students a good health by adopting good things like proper food, proper sleep, exercise etc on the day of examination and achieve a better success.

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