5 Tips How To Study During Exams

5 Tips How To Study During Exams

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When the exam starts approaching, the students preparing for the exam get tensed. It is natural to get stressed but how that student should study at the time of examination so that he/she can pass with good marks has been told in this article.

After reading this article, you will not only be able to get rid of stress but will also be able to prepare for a better exam by keeping some easy tips and important things in mind. Studying can be done better during the exam.

5 Tips How To Study During Exams

  • Know the Syllabus and Pattern of all your subjects
  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Pay attention to your diet
  • Learning through entertainment

Know the Syllabus and Pattern of all your Subjects

In the first tip, you should know the name of all your subjects like if you are preparing for 10th class then Maths, English, Nepali, Science, and Social Science. You cannot prepare for a better exam unless you have complete knowledge of your subject.

Know how to prepare for the board exam, after knowing the subject in 10 steps, know the syllabus. You have very little time, so you cannot read the entire book, so go through the syllabus and start reading accordingly. Even that is fine. Knowing the pattern is very important otherwise the questions based on that pattern will not be asked in the exam on which you are preparing. So keeping all these things in mind, prepare for your exam.

Getting Enough Sleep

While preparing for the exam, students focus their full attention only on reading which is not correct. You are a human, not a machine. You get tired too. Have you ever thought? The longer and more you read, do you remember all those things? Your answer will be no. The reason is just simple, you only do work with your mind, do not give rest to it. Whatever you have read, written will be remembered 100% only when you give rest to your body i.e. you will get enough sleep.

When you get enough sleep, you must have felt that when you wake up, you feel completely fresh and active. Getting enough sleep is very important for students. Students preparing for board exams must take at least 6 hours of sleep.

Do Exercise

The more sleep that means getting enough sleep, the more it is necessary to keep the body healthy. Without being healthy, you will not feel like studying at all. That's why you try to get up early in the morning and do exercise and then study. Knowing the benefits of studying in the morning, Saraswati resides in a healthy body. Knowledge will come to you only when you are healthy. You must follow these third tips on how to study at the time of examination, the result will be visible to you in a few days and you will get the final result when the result comes after giving you the exam.

Pay Attention To Your Diet

While studying at the time of examination, students do not take special care of their food and drink, which is wrong. To prepare for a better exam, it is necessary to get enough sleep, exercise early in the morning, and pay attention to food and drink. Unless there is something in the stomach, no work can be done well. Whether you have seen comedy, video, or movie of Motu-Patlu, there is a dialogue of Motu in it, "Empty stomach, my brain's light does not burn". You have to give him food to work with your mind, only then he will work well and fast.

Learning Through Entertainment

Gone are the days where entertainment was only films, comedy, songs. Today's time has completely changed. Today entertainment has taken the form of studies, you can prepare for your subject while playing, playing, laughing.

Conclusion: You must have known about five easy tips on how to study at the time of examination. How did you like this post and how much it helped you, give your thoughts in the comment box below.

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