[Top 51] Business Ideas in Nepal with Low Investment for Startup

Top 51 Best Bussiness Ideas

Money is the most important thing in life. Every person comes after a certain time in his life, when he starts earning money or wants to earn money. Our knowledge of our studies nowadays is such that we all have some new ideas in our mind. The passion of today's youth to do something new is created on sight. But it is not necessary that all of us are capable to start a new business and even if we start a new business, then it is not an easy thing to run it in the same way.

Small Business Ideas

If a person wants to start his own business then he needs good planning and sufficient amount to start the business. This does not mean that you cannot start your own business with less money. Here we are giving a list of some business ideas so that you can start your own business with less amount.

1. Recruitment Firm:

Recruitment firm means a company that provides jobs to the youth in their respective fields. If you think about this type of business, then you will need to build your network for this. Nowadays, many companies or themselves give some rupees as % of the candidate's salary to this type of firm to hire the right person for themselves.

2. Real Estate Consulting :

The more a person earns, the more he invests and investment in property is the most profitable deal, and if a person buys his property with the help of a real estate firm, then he will buy the property for that real estate firm. Pays 1% or 2% of the price. Which is a pretty good amount. The best part is that the investment amount to start any real estate firm is very less.

3. Online Marketing Portals:

Here by online marketing, I mean any kind of item like women's use items, groceries, clothes or any other item you can sell online. The advantage in this is that you do not have to keep any kind of stock. You can take the item and resell it upon receipt of the order. In this way you are saved from huge investments.

4. Online Blogging and Creating Your Own Website ( Blogging and Website):

In today's time, this is the best business that you can earn money by sitting at home and working according to your time. The amount required to start this business is very less which is required to take the name of the website. If you do not want your hosting, then you can start your site using Google Blogger. In which many designs are available for blogs. Using which you can start writing. As your blog becomes popular, you will start falling short. To know how to make a website, you need to know how to  make a website.

5. Event Management Firm:

In today's time everyone is very busy and no one has enough time to plan every program of his house himself. Nowadays any program of the house whether small or big person wants someone else to plan it. So an event management firm is a firm that organizes its event for someone else. And in return she takes some money. This is also a type of business, in which the investment amount is very less.

6. Training Institute:

You can give any type of training to the people in the training institute. If you have hired good trainers, then by keeping them on commission basis or paying salary, you can get people trained from them. It is very important for you to have a place for this work, no investment is required.

7. Jewelery Making:

In today's era it is not possible to wear gold jewelry, so there is an era of artificial jewelry, due to which people want new designs. If you have some ideas with which you can make new design jewelry, then you can do jewelery making work with less investment.

8. Gym For Women :

In today's time, the weight of every other woman has increased, so gym is a very good idea for women. Because women can start a gym even with less machines, in this only some necessary machines are required. Therefore, investment in gym is also less than men's gym.

9. Mobile Food Court:

In today's time no one has much time. That's why people often want to order their food at their place instead of going to the hotel or restaurant to eat food. So this is the best idea of ​​this business in today's time.

10. Wedding Planner:

Wedding planner means taking all the arrangements for a wedding in your own hands. In return, you get paid for the arrangements made by you. Because in today's busy time it is difficult to manage everything, due to which people outsource it. So this is a very good business idea.

11. Coaching Institutes:

The age of online is increasing gradually, so you can run online coaching institute even sitting at home. In which neither you need space nor investment. Whatever you are capable of, you can teach people the same thing online.

12. Matrimony Service :

To give matrimony service, you need to activate yourself. If you are active on social media handles, then you can easily give matrimony service by creating groups and pages on social media handles. In this, you get a commission by getting a boy and a girl married, which costs you nothing and earns in lakhs.

13. Yoga Instructor:

If you want to start a part time business, then this is the best idea for you. If you do not have a certificate related to this, then you can easily get such certificate by doing some courses and start your business.

14. Interior Designer:

This is also a course, whose certificate you can get at any time of your age. Just need interest. After that you can start your own business.

15. Online Kirana Shop (Kirana or Grocery Store):

Nowadays everyone wants that if someone can deliver the things needed for their home, then this is the best business idea for you. The advantage of this is that you do not need to keep a large amount of the same.

16. Insurance Agency:

In today's time, insurance has become a great need of the people, in such a situation, there are many big companies who hire agents to get people insured to further their work. So you can close the agent and start your own insurance agency, in which you do not have to incur any cost, but you will get commission as much as the insurance company will get on your behalf.

17. Festival Gift Business:

If there are festivals and there are no gifts, then the festivals fade away. In such a situation, you can think of festival gift business on festivals. Where you have to choose some festivals and gifts associated with them by investing very little, which people like to give to each other. If your ID of gift choice is very unique, then people like your idea, in such a situation, you become famous very quickly and soon you start earning millions.

18. Man Power Resourcing:

The direct and simple meaning of man power resources is to provide jobs to the people. In today's time, everyone wants a job and if you bring them job opportunities, then you can take commission from them. For this, you will have to find job offers in a big company and provide job offers to their deserving people. You can earn millions from this business without investing.

19. Grocery store:

A grocery store can be opened in a small space even with a few items. Where you live, if there are few shops around or you have to go far to buy goods in the market, then you can start earning by opening a small grocery store and in your own home. This is the best process to do good business in low cost.

20. Ice Cream Parlor:

Be it winter or summer, people definitely enjoy eating ice cream. After eating food, if ice cream is not available in the evening, then people have to go far to find ice cream. In such a situation, you can open a small ice cream parlor in your home by buying an ice cream fridge, in which you will not need to invest much. Gradually you can earn a lot from this business.

21. Photocopy Shop:

This is a very low investment and high profit making business. In this business you will need a photocopy machine. For this only you have to invest. And after that you will get profit only. Children and people working in the office need to get their documents photocopied every day, so if you do business with this thing then you will benefit a lot from it.   

22. Financial Planning Service:

There are many people who have money, but they do not have the information about where they can invest that money and how they can increase that money. If you have a little knowledge related to finance, then you can start a good business by giving financial planning service. You do not need to invest anything in this business.

23. Beauty & Spa:

If you have any place in or around the house otherwise you have knowledge related to beauty then you can start your own wonderful beauty and spa with less investment by taking a shop on rent. From where it becomes very easy to earn thousands.

24. Game Store:

You must have seen that how much children are fond of gaming, in such a situation, parents do not allow them to play games on phones and computers. Because of which children find a place where they can play the game, then you can open a gaming store in your house or near your house where children can come and play the game. For that store you need some gaming devices which are easily available on rent.

25. Car Driving School:

Nowadays everyone has to learn to drive a car, so they need a trainer who can teach them to drive a car easily. If a person is expert in driving a car then he can earn thousands of rupees by running a car driving school. In this business, you do not need to spend much time nor do any kind of investment. In this business you must have a car and you should be trained to drive and teach a car.


People are very fond of buying new cars, so they look for new buyers for their old car. In search of a good buyer, they do not know which website they find, but when they do not find a good buyer, then they look for someone who can sell their car at a good price. So you can work as a second car dealership, in which you can buy and sell second hand cars, in which you will also get commission.

27. Home Painter:

In today's time, you must have often seen that people decorate the walls of their homes a lot. They also decorate their walls by painting. In such a situation, if you have a very good knowledge of wall-foot painting, then you can go to people's homes and earn good money by giving this service. There is a lot of demand for such people in today's time.

28. Online Book Store:

People are very fond of reading books or novels. In such a situation, they ask for many books online or prefer to read books online. If you start providing online service in your book store, you can profit from it. You can supply books to people at home or you can even start your own online app. From here people can buy books from your book store or read online.

29. Upcycle Furniture Business:

Upcycle furniture business means transforming old furniture into new furniture to make something unique. If you have any such hidden art inside you then now the time has come to bring it out, give it the form of business in which you do not have to invest, because by using old things you have to prepare a new thing and make it available to the people. Have to show in front, slowly she will become famous and very soon she will give you a turnover of lakhs.

30. Affiliate Marketing:

Nowadays many stores have opened online, so not everyone is able to reach those stores. But he finds some people who help him in his business. This business is called Affiliate Marketing. Where we do not have to invest even ₹ 1, we send their goods through social media handles, website or WhatsApp, for which we get some percentage commission.

31. Business of making incense sticks and candles:

If you have the talent to do something new and you can make products like incense sticks and candles sitting at home, then you can start this business sitting at home by buying a little necessary stuff. In this business, you get a lot of profit from a small investment.

32. Manufacture of domestic products like papads and pickles:

Papad and pickle are the main parts of our ancient civilization. There are many people who make very tasty papads and pickles at home these days. If you have that art too, then you can make millions of profits by making your own papads and pickles and selling them in the market.

33. Business of making paper bags:

You already know that polythene is a poison for our environment, so gradually people are adopting paper bags. By purchasing some machines in a small investment, you can start the business of making paper bags sitting at home. The biggest feature of this business is that neither you need much knowledge nor much investment in this.

34. Business of making decoration items:

Home decoration has become a fashion these days. In the olden times, people used to do the decoration of the house themselves, nowadays, new items for decoration are bought and brought from the market. If there is such an art hidden in you, by which you can make new decoration items from old things or from some such things, then you can start the business of making decoration items sitting at home which can be started with very little investment. could.

35. Tailoring Shop:

Elders say that a hand artist can never go hungry, if you know how to operate a machine and can cut clothes and give them a new look, then you can start a tailoring shop in a small corner of the house. By buying a tailoring machine hardly 5 to 7 thousand rupees, business can be started sitting at home, from which lakhs of rupees can be earned by increasing it gradually.

36. Business of making two leaves:

Eating food in both the plates has been started from our ancient civilization and even today people consider it auspicious. In any small program, both leaves are definitely bought, in such a situation, if you start the business of making two leaves sitting at home, then you do not need much money to buy the raw material associated with it. But lakhs of rupees can be earned from this business.

37. Tiffin Service:

There are many such offices and PGs where people do not cook or do not have time. In such a situation, you can earn a lot by starting tiffin service at that place. You do not have to invest anything in this business because in this you have to prepare tiffin by cooking food and deliver the tiffin to the needy, in return for which you get a good amount.

38. Fish farming:

Fish is the gift of Prakrit, in such a situation, if you catch fish from the sea, raise them and sell them, then you can earn thousands of rupees sitting at home. There is no investment of any kind in fish farming business.

39. Business of making jute bags:

Jute bags are very beautiful to use and look at, so gradually the demand for jute bags is increasing in the market. If you are thinking of doing something sitting at home, then making a jute bag and transporting it to the market can be done with less investment. This is the best and most profitable business of small scale industry.

40. Business of Packaging:

It is said that the intention of the giver is not seen but the value of the gift. But nowadays, there are different types of gifts in the market with very good packaging, which people are attracted to see. This is the handiwork of some artists, due to which if you also have this skill, then you can start packaging business sitting at home with very little investment.

41. Mag Printing:

People love art very much, so it has become their habit to show art in small things. Different types of mugs can be seen in homes. On which printing is done, if you also know about any such art, what can you learn, then you can do mug printing work sitting at home. This work can be started both online and offline by starting with low investment.

42. Business of making masks:

The biggest and most important need of today's time is mask. Now when masks have become a necessity, it is necessary to have different types of masks with everyone. In such a situation, if you can get good masks sitting at home, then who would not want to buy them. So you too can earn money by making the best masks at home with less investment and selling them offline in the market or even online sitting at home.

43. Business of making PPE kit:

PPE kit nowadays is necessary for every person to come out or go to any place where he is afraid of corona infection. Due to the increasing demand for PPE kits, there has been a lot of shortage of this kit in the Indian market, in such a situation, if you start the work of making PPE kits sitting at home with less investment, then you can start a good business.

44. Traveling Agent:

Everyone is fond of traveling, but the whole mind is spent to plan it, but even if the planning is not done well then the whole trip gets spoiled. In such a situation, if you have a good mind in traveling, then you can help people by becoming a traveling agent. By giving them the best plans, you can earn a good commission sitting at home.

45. Build your nursery:

If you love to make a garden and take care of them, then you can make a nursery at home by growing different types of plants at home. By putting the seeds of different plants in that nursery, you can sell those plants in the market, whose good price you get sitting at home.

46. Chocolate making business:

Chocolate is used in different ways in today's time. Be it children or adults, everyone loves to eat chocolate and use chocolate in everything. If you have someone with whom you can make different types of chocolates or different dishes, then by doing something new you can start a business of making chocolate at home which you can run both offline and online.

47. Data Entry Business:

The business of doing data entry can be done from the laptop or phone sitting at home. In today's time, there are many such websites which give data entry work to the students and housewives sitting at home. The women and children of the household earn thousands of rupees per month by doing data entry work. Apart from time, nothing has to be invested in this business but the earning becomes quite good.

48. Become YouTuber:

If you have the talent to do something, then you can make videos and upload them to YouTube. There is no charge for creating a channel on YouTube. If you make some good and best videos that people like, then you can bring millions of subscribers to your channel, in return for which you can earn a lot sitting at home.

49. Cooking Classes:

Everyone is fond of eating food but only a few people are fond of cooking. Even if you have a passion for cooking, it is not necessary that people will be able to cook good food. But people definitely find good food recipes on Google, so if you are a good cook, then you can teach good cooking to people by giving cooking classes. You can earn a lot of money by giving cooking classes both online or offline.

50. Do business by taking franchisee:

There are many companies that give their names to people and ask them to sell their products. To take a franchise, any company has some rules and regulations, by following them and paying some money, you can take their franchise. By taking a franchise, you can earn a good amount of money by selling their products at your fixed prices.

51. Cold Storage:

Cold storage is needed in every house like there is a fridge in your house where you keep things so that they do not spoil. There are many such things which are called by buying on a large scale, which require called storage. In such a situation, if you have a little space in your house or somewhere in your shop, then you can install a cold storage and give it on rent. It does not require much investment but you can get a good amount sitting at home.

Other Ideas

Now I would like to tell you about some such ideas, which were done by the people present around me and are currently earning a lot of profit.

  • Two boys from Burhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh left their jobs and started the business of making banana chips . And now their chips are being exported outside.
  • In Khandwa district, a person collected the wastage from the nearby paper mill and started making pushes from it. Now its monthly supply is around 500 tonnes.
  • Some people started selling candles and agar sticks from home as a domestic industry , today they have maintained their work on a very large scale.
  • Some time ago a person started selling plants from his house on a very small scale But gradually by now it has become the biggest nursery of the district.
  • Due to crop failure due to lack of rain for a long time, the farmer changed his mind and cultivated flowers on his land and started earning profit for 12 months in a year.
  • A person planted sandalwood trees on a large part of his field, although it took many years for these trees to grow. But today the cost of these trees is a huge amount.
  • Similarly, due to lack of rain on time, a farmer adopted improved farming methods and now he is earning many times better profit than before.
  • Nowadays the world has made progress and even small children are earning huge amount through the net. In this episode, a girl from abroad has become famous for making her new new way of cakeAnd his monthly income through this business is in lakhs.


Q: What are the most successful small businesses?

Ans: Whichever business is done in a planned manner, then that business becomes a successful business.

Q: How to start a small business with low investment?

Ans: Even if you have less money to invest, there are many such small business opportunities, which can help in earning a lot by starting online and offline.

Q: What is the easiest business to start?

Ans: If you are starting a business for the first time, then the business of providing service can be the easiest option for that. A service business can be of any type, but for this you need to have skill, labor or expertise in it. 

Q: What are the low investment businesses to start from home?

Ans: Business to start from home depends on your skills. You can start a business of whatever you are proficient in and make it a means of earning your money.

Q: Which is the best business to start with low capital?

Ans: The business in which you are most interested, that business is the best business, because you do it very honestly and in a planned manner. Even if it is a business to be started with low investment.

Q: Which business can be started online at low cost?

Ans: Online you can start many similar business like blogging, website designing, data entry, affiliate marketing, youtube channel, dropshipping, recruitment firm etc.

Q: 5 What are the most profitable businesses?

Ans: Which are the most profitable businesses, it is known from the way that a person does that business. So it is difficult to say which business is profitable. You can make any business profitable by making a plan and working according to it.

Q: Which businesses are the safest?

Ans: The safest businesses are service providing businesses, as there is no possibility of any loss from it.

Q: Which is the best business to earn money?

Ans: Money can be earned from all types of business, the business which earns more income, that business becomes good. That's why all businesses are good in their respective places.

Q: Which is the best business for the future?

Ans: The best businesses for the future can be those whose demand may be more in the coming time. Knowing about it, you should start a business related to it.

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