Why substantive law becomes meaningless in the absence of procedural law ?

Substantive law becomes meaningless in the absence of procedural law

Substantive law is a body of law which defines rights, duties and obligations of people. Substantive law provides rights to people. And procedural law is a body of law which deals which the procedure when the substantive law is violated. Procedural law describes what will be happen when substantive rights are violated.
 When substantive law is breached then procedural law begins. It's mean when the rights of any person violated then procedural law takes place.

Constitution and law have provided many rights as fundamental rights and legal rights to citizens. But there is no meaning of such rights if remedies is not provided to it. For example, if a person's right to freedom is violated then he can go to court for remedies. 

But what will be happen there is no provision of such process. Sure there will be jungle rule and who remain strong, they can do as they like and disturb others rights. So there must be procedural law to provides remedies to the victim and punishment to bad people.

Law has defined many criminals activities but what will be happen if the law does not mention about punishment to those who conduct such criminal offences. Crime like rape, theft, murder and many more crimes will be increased day by day. And in the lack of procedural law or remedies, the victims cannot get justice and criminals move freely and do crimes again and again. 

So, procedural law is necessary to provide justice to the people and stop people from conducting crimes and breaching of law.

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