Differences Between Rights and Duties (With Table)

Difference between rights and duties

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1. Differences Between Rights and Duties.

2. Differences Between Rights and Responsibilities.

3. Differentiate between rights and duties.

4. Differentiate between rights and responsibilities.

5. What is the difference between rights and duties?

6. What is the difference between rights and responsibilities?

Meaning of Rights

In simple words, right is an interest recognized and protected by the state is called legal rights. A right is defined as a power or claim possessed by an individual. It is a privilege which a man enjoys under the protection of the state. Right is justified claim on others. Rights are essential conditions of individual self-development.

According to Holland, "Right is a capacity residing in a person to control the actions of others."

According to Pollock, "Right is freedom allowed and power conferred by law."

According to John Austin, "Rights mean one man's capacity of exacting from another or others act of forbearances."

According to Buckland, "A legal right is an interest or an expectation guranteed by law."

By analyzing the above mentioned definitions, we can conclude that right is a claim recognized by society and enforced by the state.

Meaning of Duties

Duty is an obligation to do or omit to do something. In the legal sense, duty means a legal obligation to do or not to do something. A duty universally is of the nature of performing a positive act and not that of abstaining from it. A person owns certain duties to others by reason of his status or positive in the society. Example: A son is under a duty to feed his dependent parents.

According to Salmond, "A duty is an obligatory act that is to say, it is an act the opposite of which would be a wrong."

According to Hibbett, "Duties are imposed on person and require acts and forbearances which are their object."

By analyzing the above explanations and definitions, it is clear that a duty is an act or forbearance compelled by the state in respect of a right vested in another and the breach of which is wrong.

Difference between rights and duties

The differences between the rights and duties are as follow:-

Right Duty
1. A right is a power or claim possessed by an individual to do something. 1. Duty is an obligation to do or omit to do something.
2. Right is an interest recognized and protected by the state. 2. Duty is an obligation created and imposed by the state.
3. Every legal right has a corresponding duty. 3. Every legal duty has not a corresponding right.
4. A person whose right is violated can go to court for remedy. 4. A person who has not full filled his duty is subjected to punishment.
5. A person is free to not exercise his rights. 5. A person is not free to not fullfil his duties.
6. Rights help to control others action as per own wish. 6. Duty impose obligations to act as per other's will.
7. If a person did not exercise his rights then he cannot be held liable for punishment. 7. If a person did not fullfil his duties then he is liable for punishment.
8. Rights give a person with freedom.
8. Duties limit a person's freedom.
9. Example; right to freedom, right to education etc.
9. Example; to pay tax, to save public property etc.


There are a lot of differences between rights and duties because rights are power given by state to it's citizens for their self-development whereas duties are responsibilities and liabilities stipulated by the state to it's citizens for making them regulated and maintain law and order.

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