Important Features of Muluki Ain 2074

Important Features of Muluki Ain 2074


Repealing the old Muluki Act 2020, the new Muluki Act 2074 came into force on 2074 BS. This Civil Act has repealed the many years old National Act and provided new laws according to the time and circumstances which can bring social peace, security and justice in the present society. There was also a demand and need of new law according to changing time. This act has also brought some new legal provisions in the context of Nepal.

The Civil Code 2074 has the following important features: -

1. Modified the civil and criminal law of Nepal as per the present time and need,

2. Civil and criminal law includes many new legal provisions,

3. Muluki Ain 2074 has categorized into five parts according to nature of law, 

4. The issue of check bounce is considered a criminal case for the first time in the history of Nepal,

5. For the first time, life imprisonment until death was provided.

6. The sentence of life imprisonment was increased by five years, that is, the sentence of twenty years of life imprisonment was increased to twenty-five years.

7. Confiscation of property of offender by government is abolished for any punishment,

8. For the first time Match Fixing law has been enacted by this act,

9. Increased marriage age from 18 to 20 years,

10. Son and daughter are equal coparcener entitled to parental property.

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