Essay on Importance of Urbanization

Essay on Importance of Urbanization

Essay on Importance of Urbanization

Urbanization is considered the standard of self-development. When a large number of people leave the villages and move to the cities, it has been given the analogy of urbanization. The biggest companion of urbanization is science and scientifically advanced physical comfort facilities. Seeing this, a person is suddenly drawn away. And tries to get it.

Background (Essay on Urbanization)

Urbanization refers to the movement of population from rural areas to urban areas. It is basically a gradual increase in the proportion of people living in urban areas. Urbanization is a popular trend in the contemporary world.

Moreover, people mostly add to the urbanization due to work opportunities and better living standards. According to expert prediction, by 2050 about 64% of the developing world and 86% of the developed world will be urbanised.

Benefits Of Urbanization

  • First, urban areas are much more efficient in providing resources than rural areas. Important and basic amenities like housing, clean water and electricity are readily available in urban areas.
  • People in urban areas find it easy to access various important services. Most notable, these services are high-quality education, specialist health care, convenient transportation, entertainment, etc. In addition, some or all services are unavailable in rural areas.
  • Urban areas provide better employment opportunities. These jobs opportunities are the result of industrialization and commercialization.
  • Urban areas play an important role as a producer and dissemination of knowledge. This is because of the highly connected urban world. Most notable, the geographical proximity of people in urban areas helps in the spread of ideas.
  • Urban areas enjoy the benefits of technological development. A variety of technologies are applied in urban areas. In addition, urbanites are exposed to the latest technology quickly. In contrast, many rural people remain ignorant of many types of techniques.

Conclusion (Essay on Importance of Urbanization)

Urbanization is a process which is on continuous increase. Moreover, urbanization ensures the transformation of rural culture into urban culture. Despite all this, the government should be alert to the rapid urbanization. A fully urbanized world looks like the ultimate destiny of our world.

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