Why Jung Bahadur Rana is called a great law reformer of Nepal?

Jung Bahadur Rana was the strongest former prime minister of Nepal in Nepalese history who has contributed a lot to reforming the Nepalese legal system according to time and situation. He tried to develop modern laws and regulations to address contemporary issues of that time by making uniform laws within the whole country i.e is same law for while citizens and based on legal principles rather than religious books and scripture. He is also called a great law reformer he made his contribution to mold the legal system of Nepal into a new system. The major contribution of Jung Bahadur Rana can be pointed out below:-

1. He strived to bring reforms by promoting modernization, revising judicial customs, and working towards the abolishment of various social evils like ‘Sati’. 

2. Jung Bahadur Rana in an attempt to revise the old penal code, advised his officials to amend the nation’s then-existing legal system into a unified body of laws that included procedures and frameworks for understanding and acting in the event of various civil and criminal matters. In 1854, the ‘Muluki Ain’ was completed and included matters like revenue, land, caste disputes, marriage, and family law.

3. He was a skillful diplomat and this helped Nepal to stay independent even while India was under the control of the British during his time. 

4. He worked towards the modernization of the country and was highly influenced by European architecture and a sense of fashion. Jung Bahadur Rana tried to bring about reform in Nepal by improving administration.

5. Jung Bahadur Rana has made several contributions to the well-being of the nation. His most significant works include the creation of the ‘Muluki Ain’, and his efforts to bring in modernization along with improving ties with foreign nations like Britain.

There are other contributions made by Jung Bahadur Rana that's why he is called the great law reformer in the history of Nepal. Before the Muluki Ain of 1910, there was no codified law in Nepal, and the laws of that time were based on religion which was not enough for regulating issues for that time but it is Jung Bahadur Rana who visited some European countries and observed their rules and regulations and inspired by them and made Muluki Ain 1910 for the first time in Nepal to address latest issues of that time which were not solved by religious law. Therefore, we can say that Jung Bahadur Rana was a great law reformer.

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