Which is the oldest constitution of the world?

Which is the oldest constitution of the world?

The constitution is defined as the laws and principles of the country, social group, or region that determine the duties and powers of the government of that country, and give certain rights to the people.

Have you ever wondered which are the oldest constitutions? Here we are talking about some of the oldest constitutions around the world.

Constitution of San Marino (October 1600)

The Republic of San Marino is considered one of the oldest and first constitutions in the world which came into force on 8 October 1600. This is a series of six books written in Latin, also known as the "Statutes of 1600". It is considered to be the oldest surviving national constitution in the world. The new system was an update on the Statute Comunali (Town Statutes) which had served San Marino since about 1300.

United States of America (June 1787)

The Constitution of the United States is considered one of the oldest in the world. It has a preface, seven articles, and a concluding endorsement. Initial ratification took place in June 1788 and was implemented in 1789. James Madison helped write the Constitution of Virginia which was used as the basis for the American Constitution. That's why he is known as the father of the US Constitution.

Constitution of Norway (May 1814)

With the adoption of the Constitution of Norway, it became a state of its own. This was followed by 434 years of the Danish–Norwegian monarchical union. Its ideals include human rights, sovereignty of the people, and separation of powers.

Constitution of Belgium (February 1831)

Its National Congress adopted the Belgian Constitution on February 7, 1831. An important amendment to this was made on July 14, 1993. This amendment changed the Belgian form of government from a federal state constitutional monarchy. Recently in 2012, some amendments were made to the constitution of Belgium.

Constitution of Denmark (June 1849)

The Constitution of Denmark came into force on June 5, 1849. Denmark was established as a constitutional monarchy. It lays out the basis of the government of Denmark and outlines the rights of citizens, including freedom of religion and speech. There is a section detailing the country's military service, which is considered mandatory.

Considered to be one of the oldest constitutions in the world, only a few amendments have been made to the Danish constitution. There were 100 sections in their original, which have been modified to 89 sections.

Constitution of Argentina (May 1853)

The Constitution of Argentina has been amended six times and can be said to have been newly created. This Latin American country was first implemented on May 1, 1853. Over the next several decades, starting in 1860, it underwent a series of amendments, the last of which was on August 24, 1994.

It establishes Argentina as a federal republic and defines the role of its federal and local governments and their respective constituents. However, several military coups have disrupted constitutional government, only to have popular agitation return to constitutional rule each time.

Constitution of Canada (July 1867)

The Constitution of Canada came into existence through the Constitution Act, of 1867. Under this Canada was established under the monarchy of the United Kingdom ("U.K.").

From 1867 to 1982, Britain could technically amend the Canadian Constitution at will, but after the passing of the Constitution Act, of 1982, changes took place only in Canada.

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