Why jurisprudence is called an eye of law?

On account of importance of Jurisprudence in the field of law it is called. "The eye of law." The eyes are one of the most important part of human body. Almost all human activities and the movements of body are possible only through them. Unless man can see anything property, he cannot do any work.

The reason for calling Jurisprudence the 'eye of law' is that Jurisprudence functions for law in the same manner as the eye do in human body. For example - the interpretation of law is a very difficult task, it cannot be done without the help of Jurisprudence.

'PATON' in this connection says Jurisprudence is a particular method of study, not the law of one particular county but of the general notions of law itself. Whenever any complicated problems regarding law like:

  1. How and when the law developed
  2. What is its object
  3. Whether the law was made by people or it was due to the inspiration of some divine force
  4. Whether the law is a command of a sovereign or it is a result of gradual development of civilization in society.

The main function of Jurisprudence is to study the origin of law, its development and its contribution towards society. The matters to birth, marriages, death, succession etc are equally controll through laws. It is the well know saying that, ignorance of law is no excuse." hence it is essential to know the correct basic principles of law which are contained only in the Jurisprudence.

Law is also connected with civil life. A person who obeys law is known as a civilized citizen. A person the who does not obeys law is punished. It is necessary that all the people should have the sound knowledge of law which is possible only with the help of Jurisprudence. Therefore, Jurisprudence, having so much importance for the society, has rightly been called the eye of law.

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