“12th Fail Book” – Twelfth Fail Novel – Inspirational Story of IPS Manoj Sharma

“12th Fail Book” – Twelfth Fail Novel – Inspirational Story of IPS Manoj Sharma

IPS Manoj Sharma

In "12th Fail Book" - Twelfth Fail Novel based on IPS Manoj Sharma, you will get to read how a 12th fail became an IPS officer in the police service | Inspirational story of IPS Manoj Sharma

When we are young, we expect to become doctors, engineers, and pilots. And everyone in our house starts wishing for us to be big and prosperous human beings.

The same thing settles in our minds too. And we grow up to become doctors, engineers, pilots, or collectors. And make dreams of becoming a big man in your mind. As we get older, the journey of our dreams becomes difficult.

Today we are going to tell you the story of such a struggle. This story is of IPS Manoj Sharma of Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. Presently Manoj Sharma is working as Additional Commissioner in Mumbai Police.

Twelfth Fail || 12th Fail – IPS Manoj Sharma Inspirational Story

A novel has been written on the struggle of his life. Whose name is Twelfth Spread. This novel has been published. This novel is a best seller in Hindi Books on Amazon. In this article, we are telling you the story of Manoj Sharma's struggle in the form of a summary. How he became IPS Manoj Sharma from Manoj Sharma.

Birthplace and Studies of IPS Manoj Sharma 

Manoj Sharma was born in Bilgaon of Jaura Tehsil of Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. He was weak in his studies from the beginning. Due to this the period of struggle started very early in his life.

When Manoj Sharma took the 9th and 10th class exams, he could hardly pass the third division in both exams. Despite this, he chose math's in the 12th class.

He could pass the 12th examination only in Hindi subject. All the rest got spread in the subject. After this Manoj's mind became very depressed. Still, he continued the struggle. You will get to read the full story of this struggle of Manoj's life in Twelfth Spread.

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Story of Manoj Sharma's Struggle

Every failure that Manoj got increased his struggle. But he never gave up. Manoj's family members wanted him to become a clerk but Manoj did not accept this. He often read novels when he went to the village to graze buffaloes. Due to this, the people of the village started considering him as a student. But Manoj felt insulted by this.

Childhood friend's companion

Amid his struggle, Manoj found the support of his childhood friend Rakesh. Rakesh took care of Manoj's broken spirit and inspired him to become something. He told Manoj that he could become a big person in life, and for this he would have to keep fighting, only then he can fulfill his dreams.

Manoj got inspired by Rakesh and this time he secured 70% marks in the 12th class examination. Since then Manoj also joined the list of toppers in college's studies. With this success, Manoj's confidence increased and he moved forward for success.

Manoj Sharma's passion made IPS

Now Manoj was obsessed with clearing the UPSC exam. That's why he prepared for UPSC by staying in Gwalior for years. After that, he went to Delhi for preparation. Meanwhile, he appeared for UPSC thrice. But success did not come to him.

Now by further strengthening his passion, Manoj started studying more. He used to read continuously for hours, which affected his eyes and he got glasses. His acquaintances and family started telling him, that UPSC is not his thing, so he should come home now.

But Manoj's passion for clearing the UPSC exam had increased more than before. He no longer wanted to come home without getting success. And after some time he completed his passion by passing the exam and made his dreams come true.

Manoj Sharma's struggle behind this success has been told in detail in the novel Twelfth Spread. Manoj made his place in everyone's heart through his success and also illuminated the name of his village. Today many students are motivated by the struggle of Manoj. How Manoj fulfilled his dreams with stubbornness and got the post of Mumbai Commissioner.

UPSC interview of Manoj Sharma

Manoj said that when the interview was taken after passing the pre and mains examinations for the fourth time after three failures, the officers of the selection committee asked Manoj the first question that we have got IIT and IIM-qualified candidates in the interview after passing the examination, so why should we select you.

So Manoj gave a very simple answer to this question and said that I have reached here after failing the 12th class, so I understand that there is some quality in me. Manoj's answer won the hearts of the officers of the selection committee and he got selected. After this Manoj was selected for IPS in Maharashtra cadre.

So, friends, IPS Manoj's life struggle is an attempt by the writer Anurag Pathak to reach those people who give up hope of fulfilling their dreams after spreading the examination through his novel Twelfth Spread. This novel will inspire such people and help to fulfill their dreams.

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