Summary of Think and Grow Rich | 13 Effective Ways to Become Rich and Success

Summary of Think and Grow Rich | 13 Effective Ways to Become Rich and Success

Think and Grow Rich

Hello friends, You have listened to the book 'Think and Grow Rich.' And you are here to read the summary of Think and Grow Rich

I have summarized this book in simple and easy language. You will get each and every important point of this book in the summary.

Napoleon Hill is the author of the book “Think and grow rich, think and become rich”. This book is one of the best books in the world. This book was written by the author Napoleon Hill in 1937. So far more than 6 crore copies of this book have been sold and this cycle still continues.

In Summary of Think and Grow Rich Book

People in almost all countries of the world have made their lives happy by reading this book. That's why it has become an international best-seller book. The author has written this book inspired by Andrew Carnegie. The virtues of self-improvement, business, and financial freedom have been taught in this book.

Apart from this, the book also suggests other aspects of life such as the virtues of good friendships, family happiness, and ways to achieve peace of mind.

About the author- (Napoleon Hill)

Napoleon Hill is one of the world's most successful writers. He was born on 26th, October 1883 in Pound, Virginia. He is an American author. He has mostly written books related to personality development, self-help, and investment.

The book Think and Grow Rich written by him is the most famous book that inspires man to prosper in every aspect of life and be disciplined to achieve success. By adopting the methods mentioned in this book, one can make his life successful and happy.

Summary of Think and Grow Rich

The author was told by a friend of his, Andrew Carnegie, in his childhood, about how rich people change their own fortunes. After this Napoleon Hill kept searching for this secret for 20 years. And one day he found out how to get success in any business or profession. Even a less educated or illiterate person can become a big man or a rich person. The author has told these secrets to his readers through his book. That's how 500 people became rich.

What difficulties did these people have to bear for this? It was not that easy. The author has told that what and how should we do to achieve success? How to start for getting success?

In the book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill has given some steps to become rich. Through this, any person can achieve success in life. Through this book, you will be able to know the secret of getting respect, money, personality, and happiness in life. For this, 13 steps have been given in this book. This book can completely change your life.

Step-1 Desire

The law of nature is that when you want something with heart, you attract it. And by thinking continuously, nature itself makes the way to reach that thing to you.

Step-2 Faith

Everything we believe in is there in nature. Our faith makes it happen. Our faith creates positive thoughts around us. And then everything seems to be better than before.

Step-3 Auto Suggestion

When our mind is empty, then useless thoughts come. From which we do not benefit. That's why we should always keep putting good thoughts in our minds.

For this, we have to learn the property of self-suggestion. So that we can choose the thoughts that come to our mind. Along with this, let us have positive thoughts in our minds. You have to practice auto-suggestion to get success in this.

Step-4 Specialized Knowledge

Ford's founder Henry Ford did not have any special education. But he had good knowledge of automobiles. Ford believed that you may not have good knowledge of all the subjects, but you should have special knowledge of the subject chosen by you. It is this special knowledge that makes you successful in life.

Step-5 Imagination

Once upon a time, an old native doctor went to a chemist's shop and said to the clerk, I have a kettle. In which the drink made in the kettle can be rotated with a wooden pedal. This is a magical formula. And by using it he can become a rich clerk. But in return, he will have to pay 500 dollars to the doctor. Then clerk bought all three things put his life savings on this formula and ran the sugar industry. Then he became rich by making a clear business capital. A similar story is also of Coca-Cola. In this way, many people became big businessmen with new ideas.

Step-6 Planning

In any field, whether it is a career or business, you have to do an organized plan to be successful in it. Through planning, you can easily be successful in reaching your goal. Through planning, you can understand how far you are from your success. Or what are the mistakes behind your failure?

Step-7 Decision

Your decision-making ability makes you stand out among successful people. Making the right decision at the right time is also an art. Ratan Tata says, "I take my decision first and then I believe in proving it right".

Step-8 Persistence

To achieve any success, you must keep going even if you go slowly. To reach any important goal then your first step is equally important for you to keep moving towards your goal. For this, we all have heard the story of tortoise and hare in childhood. How a faster rabbit loses to a slower tortoise when it stops.

Step-9 Power of mastermind

We all know that knowledge is our power. But we cannot be successful based on knowledge alone. Mastermind is such a group of many people through which we can increase our knowledge. We also get an economic advantage by joining the mastermind group. A lot of brain power together makes a powerful knowledge.

Step-10 Energy

When one energy changes into another form, it is called transmutation. Sex is considered to be the most powerful stimulus of man. Sex power can be used in many productivity works.

Step-11 Subconscious Mind

We have no control over our subconscious mind. But from here all our desires, and emotions are controlled. Just for this, we should always have positive thoughts in our minds. Slowly these positive thoughts go into our subconscious mind. And this leads us to success.

Step-12 The Brain

Our brain works like a powerful machine. The thoughts that are in it, they contribute a lot to our success. We should always try to make our minds powerful. For this, you can read books. You can also play quiz games. A powerful mind can give you success.

Step-13 Sixth sense

If you have achieved mastery in them by following the last 12 steps, then this 13th step will definitely lead you to success. This is also a part of our subconscious mind. It alerts us to the happenings. If we understand the power of the sixth sense then many failures can be avoided. It gives us the ability to make the right decision at the right time.

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If a person understands these 13 steps mentioned in the book Think and Grow Rich, and got answers for his life then he will surely understand every aspect of life and will be successful. This book is a way to awaken one's self-power for every person. You must read this book to understand the secret of success in detail.

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