What is the Full Form of LLB | Courses Fee, Eligibility and Jobs

What is the Full Form of LLB | Courses Fee, Eligibility and Jobs

Full Form of LLB

What is the Full Form of LLB ? Are you a law student ? If you are a law student then you have heard the word LLB. If you want to be a lawyer then you have to do LLB course. 

But if you do not about about what is the Full Form of LLB, what is LLB Course then I am going to tell you everything about LLB with the help of this post.

LLB Full Form : What is the Full Form of LLB ?

The Full Form of LLB is Bachelor in Law. LLB is a course of Law. The time duration of LLB course is of 3 years. The LLB is a pure law course in which only the subjects of law is taught.

  LLB = Bachelor in Law  

You have also listened about BA LLB Course and LLB and BA LLB is the same course and both is bachelor level course and both get equal value. Yes that is also true. BA LLB and LLB is the same course but there is a quite differences.

LLB is done only after passing bachelor in any subject but BALLB is done after passing+2 exam. BALLB is the combination of BA and LLB while LLB is the pure law course.

Qualifications for Studying LLB Course

Anyone who has completed his bachelor degree with any subjects can study LLB Course but he/she must pass the LLB entrance exam and must bring their name within merit list. Because admission is done on the basis of merit list.

Colleges offering LLB Course in Nepal

Various colleges affiliated with different universities offering LLB program in Nepal as follows:-

1. Nepal Law Campus (TU)

2. Prithvi Narayan Campus (TU)

3. National Law College (TU)

4. Kathmandu School of Law (PU)

5. Chakrabarti HaBi Law College (PU)

6. Bright Vision Law College (PU)

7. Hari Khetan Multiple Campus (PU)

8. Mahendra Multiple Campus (TU)

Fees of LLB Course

The fees of LLB course is differ from college to college. But we can say that the fee for LLB Course ranges between 30,000 to 300,000 in Nepal.

Jobs After Studying LLB Course

There are many jobs you can do after LLB Course. Some important and specific jobs that you can do only with LLB Course as follows:-

1. You can work as legal advisor in Companies and Organizations

2. You can teach in Law Colleges

3. You can open your own Law Chamber and practice law

4. You can apply in government jobs like government lawyer

5. You can work in NGO/INGO

6. You can work as judges after passing Judicial Service Exam etc.

I hope you have got a little information about what is the Full Form of LLB and what is LLB Course ? You have also come to know the name of colleges which offers LLB Course in Nepal. If you think this post helped you then please share with your friends. Thank you for reading this post.

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