What is the Full Form of BBM LLB | Scope of BBM LLB in Nepal

What is the Full Form of BBM LLB | Scope of BBM LLB in Nepal

Full Form of BBM LLB

What is the Full Form of BBM LLB ? - Are you studying in +2 and want to be a corporate lawyer ? Or if you are studying law in +2 or willing to be a corporate lawyer in future ?  Are you thinking of becoming a corporate lawyer in your life ? 

May be you want to be a lawyer but now the question arising in your mind is that how can your become a lawyer ? If your question is like that then your are reading right post. Because in this post you will get detailed information about BBM LLB.

After reading this post, you will know that how you can become a lawyer and earn money. You may have listen about BA LLB Course but do you know about what is BBM LLB ? 

BBM LLB is also a course of law. After studying BBM LLB, you can practice as law. But you will get some more advantage than BALLB. Because BBA LLB is designed for producing lawyers in corporate sector.

If you study BBM LLB then you will have good knowledge about bussiness management and you can easily handle or work as corporate lawyer compared to BALLB students. So BBM LLB will be best for you if you are thinking of being a corporate lawyer.

That's why I am going to tell you about everything of BBM LLB. In this post you will know about BBM LLB Full Form, is there any College which offers BBM LLB course in Nepal, Fees of BBM LLB, Jobs/Careers after studying BBM LLB.

    BBM LLB Full Form : What is the Full Form of BBM LLB ?

    The Full Form of BBM LLB is Bachelor in Bussiness Management and Bachelor in Law. BBM LLB is a 5 years course of Law. BBM LLB Course is the combination of two different courses i.e. BBM and LLB.

      BBM LLB = BBM + LLB  

    Bachelor in Bussiness Management and Bachelor in Law = Bachelor in Bussiness Management + Bachelor in Law

    BBM LLB stands for Bachelor in Bussiness Management and Bachelor in Law. I hope that you must have heard about Bachelor in Bussiness Management (BBM) which is a 4 years course done after +2 with commerce and science faculty and Bachelor in Law (LLB) which is also a 3 years course done after Bachelor in any faculty.

    BBM LLB is an 5 years integrated course which is mixed of BBM and LLB to produce the necessary lawyers in corporate sectors to develop and make work easy in industrial sector of Nepal.

    BBM LLB was introduced in Nepal in 2010 AD but BBM LLB is being taught in only Kathmandu University School of Law under Kathmandu University. In many countries like India, Myanmar, Pakistan and others are offering BBM LLB Course. 

    BBM LLB is same as BALLB but the difference between these two us just in BALLB the subjects of BA and Law is taught but in BBM LLB, the subject of BBM and Law is taught.

    Qualifications for Studying BBM LLB Course

    A person who wants to study BBM LLB then he/she have to pass the entrance exam taken by university and college. But just passing the entrance exam is not enough to get admission. He/she must bring highest marks in the entrance exam because admission in done on the basis of merit list.

    BBM LLB Colleges in Nepal

    There is only one college in the Nepal which offers BBM LLB Course in Nepal. That college is Kathmandu University School of Law which is affiliated with Kathmandu University.

    Fees of BBM LLB Course in Nepal

    The Kathmandu University School of Law (KUSL) charges 8.5 Lakhs for BBM LLB Course as per record of Admission Batch 2077 BS.

    Jobs/ Careers after studying BBM LLB

    Everyone study for getting a good jobs and make their life beautiful. You may be also thinking of what should you study to earn more money and live a standard life. 

    If you are studying BBM LLB or want to study BBM LLB then there is a question in your mind that what jobs you will get after studying BBM LLB ?  

    Now your question will get answer. To get your answer keep on reading this post.

    There are many jobs which you can get after studying BBM LLB but I have discussed some important jobs which you can get after studying BBM LLB :-

    1. You can work on all those post same as who has studied BALLB

    2. You can work as corporate lawyer easily because you have a good knowledge of bussiness after studying BBM LLB.

    Note:- Nepal is just converted in federal country. As being federal country, Nepal is divided into 7 Province and 427 Local Level. In each local level a lawyer or legal advisor is required. Therefore there is also a bright future fir those who are studying BBM LLB. They can easily get jobs.

    We can also see that Nepal is moving towards science, technology and industrial development. That's why many new industries are establishing day by day. Every industry needs lawyer or legal advisor to make their legal work easy and quickly. Therefore, there is high scope of BBM LLB.

    We have also seen that when Judicial Service Commission conduct exam then a lot of seats are not fulfilled because of lacking law background candidate. Therefore we can say there is a lot of chance to get jobs after studying BBM LLB.

    In this post you have got information about what is the Full Form of BBM LLB, what is BBM LLB Course, Who can study BBM LLB and what jobs you get after studying BBM LLB. If you found this information helpful then don't forget to share it with your friends. Thank you for reading this post.

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