Essay on My Family | Essay on Importance of Family

Essay on My Family | Essay on Importance of Family

In this article we are going to Study the Essay on My Family, So without wasting your time let us go start our todays topic Essay on My Family.

Essay on My family

My family is joint and big family. Even while living in the city, all the family members live together. In my family there are grandparents, mother-father, uncle-aunt and we are five siblings. Thus in total there are eleven members in my family. All of us live with love with each other. Our family is a perfect and happy family.

Grandparents are the elderly and respected members of the family. Other family members respect him a lot. Everyone considers it their duty to follow his advice. Grandfather was a teacher earlier, now he is retired. He teaches us brothers and sisters regularly.

Grandmother is a woman of religious nature and most of her time is spent in worship and worship of God. Still, she takes some time out for the family as well. She helps mother and auntie in homework as much as possible. She does not consider mother and aunt as daughter-in-law of the family but her own daughter.

Let's go in-depth on Essay on My family

My father is family men and doctor by profession. He has his own clinic in the city where he visits regularly. Patients benefit greatly from his medicine.

My Uncle ji is an engineer in the electricity department. In this way my family gets a good monthly income and the needs of the family are easily met. My mother and aunt take care of the household chores. We five brothers and sisters are studying in two different schools. We study and play together at home.

Discipline and etiquette are given enough importance in my family. The younger ones respect the elders and give their love and affection to the elders. All the family work is usually done on time. There are fixed times for eating, reading, playing and sleeping. If someone falls ill, others take care of him. If any trouble comes, the family unites and faces that trouble.

My family lives in harmony with the neighbors. We always become accomplices in the sorrows and pains of our neighbours. Father gives free treatment to neighbors. Grandfather collects the neighborhood children and gives them education. My family actively participates in social work. Due to these qualities, my family gets due respect in the neighborhood.

Guests are given due respect in our family. Being a big family, friends and guests keep coming frequently. They are seated respectfully in the guest room. Their comfort is also taken care of.

There are no quarrels in my family. We are surprised when neighboring families fight among themselves. If there is any difference of opinion in my family, it is resolved peacefully. If children quarrel among themselves on some matter, then elders can remove their differences. This is how, small obstacles get eliminated by mutual harmony.

Conclusion - Essay on My family

Thus my family is a happy family. The secret of this happiness is the observance of discipline, family affection and decorum. The feeling of sympathy towards each other keeps the family on a solid foundation. Happiness and peace can reside only in such a family where there is a feeling of unity. No one can dare to look at my family with bad eyesight on the strength of unity.

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