Essay on Women Empowerment | 300 and 500 Words

Essay on Women Empowerment | 300 and 500 Words

Women Empowerment

Before knowing about 'Women Empowerment', we should understand what we mean by 'Empowerment'.

'Empowerment' refers to that ability of a person by which this ability comes in him in which he can take all the decisions related to his life on his own.

In women empowerment also we are talking about the same capacity where women are free from all the shackles of family and society to be the maker of their own decisions.

Gender inequality is the main social issue in Nepal in which women are falling behind in the male dominated country. There is a need to accelerate women empowerment to bring men and women on par.

The upliftment of women in all fields should be included in the priority of the nation. Inequality between women and men gives rise to many problems which can come in the form of a big obstacle in the development of the nation. It is the birthright of women that they should get equal importance as men in the society.

In order to really bring about empowerment, women should be aware of their rights. Not only domestic and family responsibilities but women should play an active and positive role in every field. They should also know the happenings around them and in the country.

Women empowerment has this power that they can change a lot in the society and the country. Woman can deal with any problem in the society better than men. Woman can very well understand the loss of overpopulation for the country and the family.

With good family planning, woman is fully capable of managing the economic condition of the country and the family. Compared to men, women are capable of handling any effective violence whether it is familial or social.

Through women empowerment, it is possible that a country with a strong economy, a country with gender equality can be replaced by a country with male influence.

With the help of women empowerment, development of every member of the family can be done easily without much effort. A woman is considered extremely responsible for everything in the family, so she can solve all the problems well.

With the empowerment of women, the whole society will automatically become empowered. Women empowerment is a better solution to any small or big problem related to human, economic or environment.

In the last few years, we are getting the benefit of women empowerment. Women are more conscious about their health, education, job, and responsibility towards family, country and society. Woman participates prominently in every field and shows her interest. Finally, after many years of struggle, they are getting their right to walk on the right path.

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