Essay on Roles of Teacher in Nation Building | 300, 500 and 600 Words

Essay on Roles of Teacher in Nation Building | 300, 500 and 600 Words

Essay on Roles of Teacher in Nation Building

Teacher is such an important person in the life of a student who gives a strong shape to his whole life with his knowledge, patience, love and care. Each essay given here underlines the importance of a teacher in the life of a student and will also explain its role. These essays are given in very simple and different word limits, which students can use according to their needs.

Teachers are those who illuminate and guide us with the light of their knowledge. It can be people of any age group and they contribute a lot in making our life successful. We also get the mention of the teachers of all the great men in history.

The teacher whom we also call as Guru, and in our inscriptions the Guru has been described as venerable and revered. We also worship him on the occasion of every Gurupurnima.

In our Puranas, Guru has been described as more than God, that is because it is believed that when man came on earth, he did not have the knowledge of God, it is the Guru who made man aware of God. Therefore the Guru is worshiped first and then the Lord. In our Hindu beliefs, the teacher is considered above God.

For any society to develop, it is important that its people are educated and only a teacher can create such a society. That is, we can consider the teacher as an indicator of the progress of a country.

Teacher educates the children and teaches them to shine with his aura of knowledge, so that the children learn to shine like the sun by traveling through the tiny rays emanating from the horizon, coming to the plane of the sky and bringing laurels to the country.

No matter how big a man becomes, he definitely needs a guide at some point and your guide is your teacher and teacher. Guru's range is not limited to only school books, he also becomes a true friend when needed and helps you in every way.

In this way, every person is called a teacher from whom you learn something, even if it is your mother. Mother is the first teacher of any person who teaches him basic needs like walking, speaking.

A teacher is a person who teaches you in school, a guru who gives life-related knowledge, and a teacher is a mixture of these two, who, when needed, brings you out of the darkness of ignorance in every way.

No matter how much we praise our teachers and their school teachers contribute a lot in the lives of students, they always remember them. Guru is supernaturally present in one's life, but due to the good performance of his disciple, the discussion of Guru starts automatically.

The need of a teacher is everywhere, which cannot be denied. We get a glimpse of his education in his students. A good guru always motivates his disciple to move forward.

We should always respect our Guru and the Guru can be respected in true sense only when we follow the path shown by him. Being a teacher is a very difficult task and salute to all the teachers who played an important role in my life.

In today's era, with the help of phone and social media, people stay connected and it is the best medium to stay connected with their teachers. Some people who choose the profession of teacher are really commendable. Those who carry the responsibility of shaping the future of the country on their shoulders. Salute to all teachers for such courage.

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