Top 10 Tips about How to Write Copy in Board Exam

How to write in board exam

It is said that First Impression Is The Last Impression. How to write a copy in the board exam is a very important question. It is explained in full detail in this post.

All the students want to top the board exam, for that, there is 10 effective formula which I followed myself and got 89.2% in board exam.

The correct way to write copy in Board Exam

If one student is so much faster, intelligent than the other student. If he does not have the right way of writing copy then he will be able to bring average marks as compared to another student while he was faster than another student. Writing a copy correctly in the exam gives more marks and the question is, how to write a copy in the board exam, I will give you the 10 very effective formulas, which you can follow and write the copy in the board exam in a better way. Marks can be brought.

  • First of all, you should have more than 2 pens
  • Handwriting should be good
  • Read the question paper properly
  • You should be completely clear that from which category how many marks will be given and how many questions to solve.
  • Try to answer all the questions in your own words.
  • Answer in as many words as necessary
  • Do not cut anywhere on the copy
  • Solve whatever you can in the option question first.
  • Solve all questions
  • Write calmly

First of all, you should have more than 2 pens

It is very important to have a good pen to write a good copy in the board exam. I often see that I have to go for exams and students buy a nice new pen and go on giving exams. According to me, this is not quite right, you may not agree with me, but I am sharing my experience with you.

Writing with a new pen does not make handwriting good, some pens are such that they run very faint, and sometimes the writing is not even visible. I used to follow the strategy to write in board exams like this and I am.

The board guys more than 4 pens at the time of preparation of the exam and when half the ink of all the pens runs out, keep them in a separate place which I am going to use for writing in the board exam.

By doing the same, you can write the copy in the board exam in a better way.

Handwriting should be good

The second formula for how to write a copy in the board exam is to be good at handwriting. The more beautiful your handwriting, the more impact will be on the teacher/teacher who checks the copy. Having beautiful handwriting gives you 5-10 marks more. It played an important role in getting more marks in my board exams. For how to make good writing, read the post below

Read the question paper properly

Many students start solving the question paper as soon as it comes and later it comes to know that it was not to be solved and it was to be done in just 100 words. But do not make such a mistake, as soon as you get the question paper, sit well, keep your mind calm and start reading one by one from the beginning.

Now it is not like half the time is spent reading the question paper. If you look next to the question paper, time will be given in which it will be written that 15 minutes have been given separately to read the question paper, it may be more or less in your paper. You have to study at this time, try that you study in less time so that you can get more time to write the copy.

You should be completely clear that from which category how many marks will be given and how many questions to solve.

It is very necessary to write a copy in the board exam in a good way, here the categories are Objective (Multiple Optional) and Subjective (Theory) which include Short Answer Questions, Matchers, Fill in the Blanks, Essay and Long Answer Questions.

In this, you should be completely clear that how much marks will be given from the objective and how many questions will be asked and how many have to be answered. The same will be applicable in subjective questions as well.

Try to answer all the questions in your own words

If you have noticed, some instructions are given two lines below just above the question paper. In which first of all it is written "The examinee should answer in his own words as far as possible". This is because copy-checking teachers want to know whether the students are fast, deserve to be topped, or are different from other students. You just take the idea from the book, read it and understand it, but when it comes to answering the question, then answer in your own words.

By doing this you will never forget and you will feel comfortable whether to answer the question or write. On the contrary, by memorizing the book, you sit to recite or write, everything becomes a breakup. how to write copy in board exam

Answer in as many words as necessary

Remember the answer to the question. I have often found that students write it very well and answer more. It is necessary to write well but it is not necessary to write much. You have to write more answers to the same question which has been asked to write like in long answer questions, essays, etc.

Overall, try to answer in as many words as necessary. Do not write exaggeratedly. There is no use in writing like this. If there is a question of two numbers, then you will not get 5 marks. So give a proper answer.

Do not cut anywhere on the copy

Keep the copy clean. So that the person checking the copy does not face any difficulty in checking the copy. If you don't keep a clean copy, don't ever expect that you will pass with good marks. By correcting small mistakes, you can bring better marks in the examination, it is possible only when your presentation is good.

For this, follow all the tips and formulas mentioned above. Not that follow today and start looking for results the very next day.

Solve whatever you can in the option question first.

Today, option-type questions are also coming in the board exam i.e. 8 questions are given and out of them, only 4 questions have to be solved. In such a situation, students are confused as to which question they should answer, if they do not know the first, then can they write the second, third. According to me, which of those questions do you remember best and you feel that you can answer better, then solve it immediately.

After that consider the next question again. In this way, try your best to solve the question which you can remember before.

Solve all questions

A student should try to solve all the questions in the board exam. If he leaves the question and comes, it is of no use to him. There are no negative marks on the exam. You do not have much knowledge about any question, yet answer whatever you know. The answer should be smart. Avoid using the same word over and over again. If you know the answer to all the questions and don't have time to write the answers then you can follow this strategy as I do.

  • First of all, I write light and short questions.
  • All the rest of the questions are long which are of more marks, where I am trying to tell you that you should first answer the short questions and leave some questions. Solve long answer questions. After solving the long question, you can solve the short question very easily within 10-15 minutes.

Write calmly

It is very important to have the calmness to write a copy in the board exam. Students get nervous on seeing the question paper, due to which they forget what they remember. Have peace of mind and start writing. Have told me that all the questions are so easy that I can do them very easily and quickly. Never keep negative thoughts in your mind. Always keep positive thoughts. According to me -

"You get the same result as you think ."

Conclusion: At the end of the post, I would just like to say that all the above tips are effective. How to write a copy in board exam ' Now you will not have any problem. Tell me in the comments how you liked this post. If you have any questions then definitely ask as well as share this post.

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