Essay on Why I want to become a Lawyer

Essay on Why I want to become a Lawyer

Essay on Why I want to be a lawyer

A lawyer is a person who deals with judicial work and helps others to get their rights. He can help people with any kind of social problems.

Every country has a law and everyone must follow it when someone violates the rules or creates a problem, people need a lawyer to deal with them.

Today we have brought some essays for you on this topic; I am sure these will help you with your educational needs:


When we ask a child what they really want to be, some of them want to be a doctor, while some show a desire to become an engineer. 

Similarly, when I was younger, I wanted to be a lawyer. I love this profession because it is about getting our rights. I love to solve others' problems and I think this profession is perfect for me.

Some Positive Aspects of Becoming A Lawyer

  • Becoming a lawyer is not just a profession, but it also helps us to know our potential. Sometimes we don't even know how much we can do and what are the powers of an ordinary person. This profession helps us to know our strengths and authority.
  • They also know how to deal with a problem; In fact, there is a solution to every problem in our law. So, in my view, it is one of the best professions.
  • A lawyer should be smart and have very good reasoning power as it helps them to find evidence and also gives strength in a good oral fight in court.
  • Believe me or not, people never like to engage with a lawyer because they know that they can get themselves in trouble. Therefore, many people stay away from them and that is a good thing.
  • People like me love this profession because I like to find the truth at any cost. This profession teaches how to handle a matter professionally and help people.

Lawyer's Educational Qualifications

If you want to become a lawyer then you have to go through the course mentioned here;

After completing higher secondary you should complete your graduation from the law stream. You can do an LLB, a 3years course after completing a bachelor's degree in any faculty like BA, BBS, B.Sc, BBA, B.Com, and so on.

Many colleges offer a 5-year BALLB course after +2  and it takes around 5 years to complete this course. Apart from this, many foreign colleges offer different courses for law students.

First Lawyer

The term was first mentioned in the Bible and it was 'Zenus' who was the first lawyer.

In addition to the Bible, evidence of lawyers can be found in ancient Greece, where speakers were used to perform the same function.

Therefore, they are attributed to ancient lawyers in our history and thus we can say that the evidence of lawyers can be seen in ancient Rome as well.

When we had lawyers in the ancient times of Rome, they were the first to work in this area and also make progress. Time passed slowly and in 1848 America brought this profession into existence. Different names are proving the existence of a lawyer for the first time in the world of the male category.

There are also some globally famous women in the same profession, such as 'Arabella Mansfield' who was the first female lawyer in the United States; While 'Cornelia Sorabji' was the first Indian woman she study law at Oxford University.

Why do I like this profession?

Several aspects attracted me to this profession; I have also mentioned some below;

  • In my view, everyone should know his authority and his powers. This is possible only when you have deep knowledge related to law. Apart from our fundamental rights, there are also some other rules and regulations that we should know. Such as information about your property and its successors, etc.
  • Law helps us to deal with many kinds of problems. Sometimes many of us have no idea about what we should do in a matter and after some time we forget it. Actually, any person can fight for even one rupee, but very few of us know about its right ways, and in such a situation they forget.
  • If you are one of those who love to fight for the truth then you can join this profession. Sometimes we see ourselves in these messes, even when they are right, but due to lack of evidence and some social forces, they have to suffer. In such cases, this profession can prove to be really helpful and you can work as a professional lawyer or even in social service.
  • After winning a few cases and gaining some experience, one learns a lot and there are many lawyers out there who earn up to crores of rupees in just one hearing. That's why there is money here and money is very important in today's time.
  • If you want to do some social service and want to help poor and helpless people who do not have money to be good lawyers, you can also become a lawyer to help them.
  • There is no doubt that lawyers have a very good sense of humor and they are also very intelligent, challenging, brave, etc. And surely all these qualities can make you a smart person too.


I am one of those people who like to find out the truth and I find this profession much better for me. It not only helps people but also helps us in our everyday life.

Usually, lawyers charge a lot of money and there is a phase in life when we all need it. So, it is better to choose this profession and if you need you can also earn, also help people in the form of social work. In my opinion, this is one of the best professions.

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