What are the three organs of government ? Explain it's function in brief.

Various organs of Government

A state has a lot of functions to do for running a country smoothly. Government is a political body which runs the country. Government operates all the functions which is required to run a country.

Government is a body of political unit which have the power to rule a country. This body is made of different organs which are interrelated with each other to perform various functions to run a country.

There are three organs of government which are as follow:-

1. Executive

2. Legislature

3. Judiciary

They are the organs of government which carry out the functions of state. The organs of the government are also called arms of the government because these organ help to conduct the works of government. And in the absence of these organs government fails to maintain peace and security in the state.

The Executive

Executive is a branch of the government which carry out and implement the plan and policies or rules and laws to maintain peace and security in society and conduct other various activities to run the country.

This organ consist Prime minister, Deputy Prime minister, cabinet ministers and other ministers and civil service. The main responsibility of this organ is to implement decisions, laws and policies.

Functions and Duties

  • To conduct day to day administrative functions to run a country,
  • To implement plan, policies and programs Policies for the development of the nation,
  • To prepare and issue budget
  • To sign international treaties and convention and establish good relations with international community

The Legislature

Legislature is a branch of government which makes laws to govern a country. Legislature is also known as Parliament.  Parliament makes laws and amend laws as per demand of the country. The head of Legislature is the speaker of parliament.

Functions and Duties

  • The primary function of parliament is to make laws.
  • To conduct debates of opinions to arrive at a great educative value for money of the projects for the people
  • To power of increasing tax is only in the hand of Legislature
  • To supervise the executive
  • To elect prime minister and president and remove through impeachment

The Judiciary

Judiciary is the arm of government which interpret the constitution. It ensures that people obey the laws of the country. The Supreme Court of Nepal is the highest and final Court of Nepal. It's decision is final decision. All other courts are under Supreme Court. High Court, District Court and Judicial Committee in local level have to follow instructions, orders, decisions and principle made by Supreme Court. 

Functions and Duties

  • To render fair and impartial justice to the people
  • To explain /interpret the laws and apply them
  • To protect the fundamental rights of citizens and provide remedies if fundamental rights are violated
  • To check the constitutionality of the law made by Legislature
  • To check the activities of Executive whether it's activities are legal or illegal


Government represent state and perform all those functions which are required to operate a country smoothly.

There are three main organs of government. They are : Executive, Legislative and Judiciary.

The executive branch implement the plan and policies or laws and rules made by Legislature.

The Legislation makes law according to the requirements of society. It also makes necessary plan and policies for the development of nation.

The Judiciary interprets and adjudicates law and provide justice to the people and prevent others branches of government from encroaching rights of people.

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