Top 10 Tips for BALLB Entrance Preparation Nepal (TU, PU, MU, KU, LBU, FWU)

Top 10 Tips for BALLB Entrance Preparation Nepal (TU, PU, MU, KU, LBU, FWU)

BALLB Entrance Exam
In Nepal, there are few colleges offer BALLB course after +2 but the seats available are limited. It means only few seats compared to number of students who want to pursue BALLB Course to get law degree after +2. Passing entrance exam is necessary to get admission for BALLB.

Admission is done on the basis of merit list of entrance results. Due to which just passing entrance exam is not enough to get admission for BALLB. One have to secure his/her name in the merit list of BALLB entrance within the seat available. As the numbers of students are increasing each years that's why the entrance exam of BALLB is becoming too much competitive as well.

There are a lot of students get admitted in law colleges and more than admitted students are rejected every year. But the question is why are more than admitted students get rejected ? The answer is only one because of limited seat and few colleges of law in Nepal.

There are only 10 or 11 law colleges for BALLB but the numbers of students who want to study BALLB is too much. Due to few colleges and limited seats, approximately 1000 students get admission for BALLB collectively. Therefore, it is clear that who can secure their name in top of BALLB Entrance Exam then they can get admission for BALLB Course.

Here I have shared some tips about how to prepare for BALLB Entrance Exam. If you think cracking BALLB Entrance is too hard then also your are right. If you think cracking BALLB Entrance is too easy then also you are right.

Because there are many students who have failed to crack BALLB Entrance even after doing BALLB Entrance Preparation Class in best institute and studying day and night for 8/8 hours. And there are many students who have cracked BALLB Entrance Exam without joining any institute and just by reading only 14/15 days before entrance exam. Therefore, your thoughts determine your future. So be positive and be optimistic.

Top 10 Tips for BALLB Entrance Preparation (TU)

1. Buy books for BALLB Entrance Exam i.e. Book for Subjective Questions, Objective Questions and Constitution. These three books are necessary for cracking BALLB Entrance Exam in Nepal.

2. Study subjective book deeply and understand each point carefully which is important from the objective point of view.

3. Practice objective book questions unit wise as you study subjective book. It helps you to remember questions and answers easily.

4. Read important provisions of the constitution which is important for giving example in subjective question as well as important for objective questions.

5. Research about cases and acts related with subject matters of entrance results exam and understand it's basic concept to insert as example while writing answers in exam.

6. In exam hall while writing answers, highlights the important things in answer sheet and include legal provisions and cases relevant to answers where necessary.

7. Write every questions in exam hall and don't leave any questions.

8. Write your answers in systematic format.

9. Make your writing beautiful, clear and fresh

10. Don't leave any Objective Question because wrong answer doesn't reduce marks.

Conclusion, In this article, you have been come to know about how to prepare for BALLB Entrance Exam and Top 10 Tips for BALLB Entrance Preparation. If you find this information informative then don't forget to share with your friends. Thank you for reading this post.

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