Top 10 Qualities To Become A Successful Lawyer

Top 10 Qualities To Become A Successful Lawyer - If you want to become a successful lawyer then you have to come a long way from law studies to practice. During this, there are many such things that you keep in mind then your path can become easy.

Today we will talk about those points, by which any law graduate can shine his advocacy. Or we can say that what should be the qualities to become a successful lawyer (Top 10 Qualities To Become A Successful Lawyer).

Top 10 Qualities To Become A Successful Lawyer

1. Art of Speaking

  • If you have best speaking skills then you can be successful in this profession.
  • Lawyering profession is worthwhile for those who speak with eloquence.
  • Before saying anything, analyze it by tying and weighing the words.
  • Anything should be spoken on logic and systematic.
  • Avoid unnecessary remarks in your personal life as well.
  • Have a good choice of words and say almost all the words with their correct pronunciation.

2. Read more and more on literature and law

  • Reading for advocacy is like protein for the body.
  • Lawyers require constant practice and reading.
  • A lawyer should consider the time spent on reading as an investment.
  • Reading gives birth to the reasoning power of a man and the brain memorizes new words.
  • These words can be used by the lawyer in the arguments in the courts.
  • More emphasis should be given on parliamentary words. 

3. Writing Art, Avoid Readymade Formats

  • If you develop the art of writing in yourself along with reading, then it will also be a worthwhile experiment. The lawyer does in court arguments as well as in drafting.
  • The more meaningful and in-depth the drafting, the more profit you can get in your case.
  • The judges also stop and consider the drafting written while keeping their side with deep contemplation.
  • Drafting done with different creativity is interesting. The judges also read it.
  • The more the judges are impressed by your writing style, the more power your point will be placed on the board and the more power your case will get.
  • Lawyers should avoid using readymade formats in their litigation.

4. Start Practice

  • Here New law graduates should pay more attention to where they should start their advocacy practice. This can prove to be a worthwhile consultation for them.
  • As soon as you graduate from any university, you should start practicing from the court of your native town or city.
  • The city in which a person is born and schooled has more contacts in that city and advocacy depends on contacts. Mainly relatives and friends bring work for us.
  • Advocating in unknown and new cities should be avoided in the beginning.

5. Initially practice in Sessions and District Court

  • District and Sessions Court is like a mother to a person who has graduated in a new law and became a lawyer. First class court teaches like a mother.
  • The newcomers turn to the high courts established in big cities and the Supreme Court of Nepal for limelight, but they are far away from the work of the lower court.
  • Such people do not even understand the difference between a brief trial and a sessional trial.
  • The High Court and the Supreme Court are mainly appellate courts. There only points of law are considered, while the lower court tries and conducts the suit.
  • First the process of trial and conduct of the suit should be understood and then attention should be paid to the subject like point of law. 

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6. Stay Organized

  • The court in which we are working, there we should be organized.
  • Efforts should be made to remain completely organized there.
  • Arrive in court before time.
  • Clean clothes should be maintained and never wear costumes other than that of a lawyer.
  • Bands must be taken into account when going to the board of judges.
  • Never leave your pocket empty of pen and marker.

7. Initially become an assistant to a senior lawyer

  • Do not take your case directly to the court. 
  • You should be in the role of Assistant with Senior Advocate for few years.
  • While selecting a senior lawyer, choose such lawyers in place of famous and popular lawyers, where you can learn to work in less work with peace. 
  • Under the influence of limelight, new graduates take such a path where they can be in the discussion, but it is not right to have such an idea.
  • Instead of limelight, focus on your future. 
  • Maintain the lawyer diary of the senior lawyer and take the date on time so that you can understand the process of the court.

8. Meet more people and be ahead in social work

  • Efforts should be made to contact more people and be more active on such social platforms, from where the image of your lawyer reaches the people.
  • Contacting with more and more people occupy the most important position.
  • The more people you keep in touch with, the more mouth publicity you will have and the more work will come to you.

9. Pay attention to the small promises

  • The focus should be on small promises for the purpose of learning.
  • In the beginning, no settled person gives his case to a new lawyer.
  • Every person wants a expert advocate to represent his case.
  • So try to understand the process by catching up on small matters like assault, recovery, maintenance, family court divorce cases, check bounce etc.
  • You may have to work for free in the beginning. 

10. Be Patient

  • The time when it comes to starting a legal practice for a new lawyer is extremely challenging.
  • For a long time you live in conflict. Be patient during such period and keep life away from extravagance.
  • With time you will also earn money. Consider this time as your investment.

Apart from this there are some simple points which should be considered

  • Listen to people well, no one says in vain. 
  • Everyone goes by being inspired by some or the other knowledge.
  • Take good decisions and always use wisdom, discretion etc.
  • Do a good analysis on any matter then keep your point. Make a habit of reading different case files.

By considering these points about Top 10 Qualities To Become A Successful Lawyer you can establish yourself as a bright future and a big famous lawyer of the future.

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