What types of lawyers make the most money ?

What types of lawyers make the most money ?


Types of lawyers - Today we will know how many types of lawyers are there? And are the lawyers divided into different parts? In this post, we know about what are the different types of lawyers.

Simply, there are no different types of lawyers, there is only one type of lawyer, a person who has completed the studies of law and has completed other necessary procedures to become a lawyer is called a lawyer.

For a person who wants to become a lawyer, first of all, he has to do an LLB or BALLB course and after that, he has to get registered with the Bar Council of his state. After these processes are completed, that person can fight any case or practice law.

What are the types of lawyers?

After starting a career in advocacy, he or she decides in which field of advocacy he or she wants to specialize. In the beginning, a lawyer takes and fights all types of cases. 

After some time, seeing what kind of cases are coming to him more or what kind of cases he can handle well, that person decides to become a specialist in that field.

A person who started his career in advocacy has more criminal cases or is more interested in criminal cases, he has done research in that field then he becomes a criminal lawyer. Similarly, lawyers fighting cases related to the civil field become civil lawyers.

Thus, based on their interest and their specialization, lawyers who choose different fields can be counted as different types of lawyers. Following are some types of lawyers based on specialization.

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Types Of Lawyers

  • Criminal Lawyer
  • Property Lawyer
  • Family Lawyer
  • Divorce Lawyer
  • Matrimonial Lawyer
  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Immigration Lawyer
  • Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer
  • Employment Lawyer
  • Tax Lawyer
  • Tort Lawyer
  • Media Lawyers
  • Medical Malpractice Lawyer
  • Energy lawyer
  • Sports lawyer
  • Environmental lawyer

Criminal Lawyer - The lawyer who fights cases related to criminal cases is called a criminal lawyer. Any act that is done illegally in which there is a violation of the law and there is a provision of punishment for it is called a criminal offense. Criminal Lawyer fights criminal cases.

Property Lawyer - The lawyer who has fought more cases of disputes related to property in the field of advocacy and has more experience in such cases is called a property lawyer. Such a lawyer has done more research in cases related to this field.

Family Lawyer - A lawyer having specializes in matters related to family disputes is called a Family Lawyer. They experience more cases of family disputes. They have done more research in this area. They fight cases related to family disputes.

Divorce Lawyer - A divorce lawyer is a specialist in matters related to divorce. They have more experience in the cases of divorce-related matters. They can fight cases related to divorce easily. In divorce-related disputes, people approach a divorce lawyer.

Matrimonial Lawyer - Specialist lawyers in matters related to marriage are called Matrimonial Lawyers. In case of any marital dispute, a matrimonial lawyer is hired to fight the case. They have done more research in this area, due to which they have more experience in it.

Corporate Lawyer - A Corporate Lawyer is a specialist for a company or in business-related disputes. Basically, it looks after non-elevating matters, and it also plays the role of consultant for the company. In case of any dispute related to business-related disputes, it is the job of the Corporate Lawyer to fight the case.

Immigration Lawyer - A lawyer who specializes in disputes related to immigration is called an immigration lawyer. The process of immigration is complicated. An immigration lawyer helps you with the immigration process by giving you information about your rights etc and resolves any disputes.

Bankruptcy Lawyer - They have done more research on financial difficulties and related disputes. One goes to a bankruptcy lawyer to fight financial disputes.

Intellectual Property Lawyer - An intellectual property lawyer has more experience in fighting cases related to intellectual property rights like copyright violation, trademark rights violation, etc. They are experts in disputes related to this field.

Employment Lawyer - In case of any dispute related to employment, it is advisable to go to an employment lawyer. An employment lawyer has more experience in fighting employment-related cases.

Tax Lawyer - A tax lawyer fights the case of income tax or any other type of tax-related dispute. They give you information about the types of taxes and they have more experience in case of any tax-related dispute.

Tort Lawyer - A lawyer specializing in matters related to personal injury is called a Tort Lawyer. They get more experience in disputes related to tort so that they can fight such cases well.

Media Lawyer - If there is any kind of dispute related to print media or electronic media, a media lawyer is an expert in fighting that case. A media lawyer has more experience in matters related to print media or electronic media.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer - In the event of a patient having a similar dispute with a doctor or a hospital, a medical malpractice lawyer fights such a case.

Energy Lawyer - In case of any dispute related to any issue of energy, the specialist of that case type of case is called Energy Lawyer. It deals with cases especially related to oil and gas disputes.

Sports lawyer - A sports lawyer has more experience in what type of dispute related to sports. If there is a case related to sports, then in that case a sports lawyer fights that case.

Environmental Lawyer – In case of a similar dispute or case related to the environment, an environmental lawyer fights that case.

These are some of the areas in which the types of lawyers can be seen based on specialization. Being different areas, a lawyer has to become a specialist by paying more attention to a particular area.

This does not mean at all that a lawyer can fight the case only in the area in which he has expertise, a lawyer can fight any type of case. Just because of more focus on one area, they do not have much experience in disputes in other areas, due to which there are specialist lawyers in different fields for different types of disputes.

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A person who wants to become a lawyer has to do an LLB or BALLB course. If one has completed an LLB or BA LLB course then he can become a lawyer.

After the completion of LLB or BALLB, that person has to get registered in the Bar Council of his state or desired state, after which he becomes a full-fledged lawyer, and after that, he can practice law in court and fight a case.

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